Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Terres Dorees Jean-Paul Brun 2007 l'Ancien Vin de Table

Here and here and here you can read that INAO declared that this is not eligible to be labeled Beaujolais but must instead be a mere Vin de Table. Quel scandale, quelle infamie!

Medium-dark ruby color.

Full blackberry smell with oak, Pinot Noir-like.

Juicy ripe blackberry flavor, fresh-stripped from the canes, red cherry. Tart peach finish. I detect no trace of rubber, of mushrooms, nor of volatile acidity. If anything is acharacteristic of Beaujolais, I suggest it's the lack of the last.

I cheerfully mock Brun's adherence to bio-organic techniques, but I stand in awe of the results.

An outstanding bargain for $18.99, this may well be the best Beaujolais I've ever had.

So INAO thinks this is flawed and not good enough for the Beaujolais AOC? With acknowledgments to Monty Python, I wave my private parts at INAO's and Georges DuBoeuf's aunties. This is dandy Beaujolais, I dare either of them to do better!

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