Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Herdade Fonte Paredes 2005 Alentejano Cabernet Sauvignon Aragones

I decanted this wine with vigorous aeration then let it rest for most of a day.

Deep ruby color, purple at the edge.

The smell I notice first is fresh (California?) oak and plenty of it. It overpowers everything else.

The oak flavor also predominates, with red cherry and blackberry. Lively acid, begs for food to accompany.

Entirely pleasant bottle for $19.99, made an excellent match with a steak dinner. I'll keep hunting up my budget Cabernet, but this is a winner. I appreciate oak with Cabernet more than I do, I think, with any other grape and I think I've said before that I've learned to greatly admire the dry reds of Portugal.

This is labeled 60% Cabernet Sauvinon, 40% Aragones. Aragones is better known as Tempanillo, the grape of Rioja wine in Spain.

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