Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dr. Konstantin Frank 2006 Finger Lakes Rkatsiteli

Rkatsiteli was, I understand, one of the most common grapes in Soviet winemaking and may be an older variety than any more commonly known in the West (save, perhaps, for Muscat).

Extremely pale color, petillant.

While the smell of Rkatsiteli is frequently likened to Riesling and Gewurztraminer, I find that not to be true of this bottle, which has a pleasant apple/floral/pineapple aroma which lacks the intensity I expect from the two aforementioned varieties. Intensity improves as the glass warms, but it's still no perfumed Gewurztraminer.

Dry grapefruit/pineapple flavor, peach, apple, fruit beautifully balanced with acid. If asked I think I'd liken it more to Sauvignon Blanc than any other grape, but it's distinct. A very good medium-to-full-bodied bottle for $18.67.

Drape collecting: always one more variety to try.

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