Monday, August 9, 2010

Jean Baptiste Adam 2004 Vin d'Alsace Tokay Pinot Gris Reserve

“Tokay Pinot Gris” was an interim name after Euro wine laws made calling this wine Tokay d'Alsace impermissible in 1993, but before 2007, when the final rules took effect and it could only be called Pinot Gris.

Pale straw color, many tiny petilant bubbles form on the glass.

Smell of oranges and a summer of flowers, buttery.

Off-dry-to-dry melon flavor, citrus fruit salad, apple, very petilant, stinging the tongue, finish is decidedly off-dry.

Excellent medium-to-full-bodied bottle for $20.99.

The greatest challenge, I think, for the consumer of Alsace wines is knowing what to expect when buying a bottle. This importer's label ends “Flavorful dishes of ham, chicken, duck or turkey compliment this sometimes off dry wine”. Way to go,, leave me guessing until I pull the cork.

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