Friday, February 18, 2011

Robert Sinskey Vineyards 2009 Los Carneros Abraxas "Vin de Terroir" Scintilla Sonoma Vineyard

47% Pinot Gris, 23% Riesling, 17% Gewurztraminer, 13% Pinot Blanc.

Pale color of mass-market American lager, petillance forms many bubbles on the glass.

Sweet smell of baked apple, with cinnamon, bunches of showy flowers, a whole rack of jars from Spice Islands (tm), fresh sun-dried laundry.

Dry fruity flavor, ripe apples and pears, acid at the end is emphasized by considerable petillance on the tongue.

Excellent medium-to-dull-bodied sipping white for $39.99/bottle, quite a reward for the nose and the palate.

Update: A subsequent bottle proved a nice accompaniment for a supermarket-prepared hot lunch of a "General's Chicken" that was spicy-hot and near-Polynesian sweet.

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