Monday, April 25, 2011

Quattro Mani / Movia 2009 Goriska Brda Tocai (Exto) Gredic Vineyard (Slovenia)

Movia is the winery. Goriska Brda is the place the grapes were grown. Slovenia was once part of Yugoslavia. Quattro Mani (Four Hands) is the Italian Negociant. Tocai is the familiar grape of what was once labelled Tocai Friulano but now the European Union forbids labeling Italian Tocai "Tocai". The EU, though, does permit Slovenian Tocai to be Tocai. While Aleš Kristancic, the winemaker, does so label this wine, he also uses "Exto," (presumably Ex-Tokai) creating branding useful in the inevitable event of EU mind-changing in case Slovenian wine becomes more fashionable.

Pale straw color, greenish tint.

Smell of ripe melon, spearmint.

Dry melon flavor, fresh lime, green apple.

Long tart (very tart, in fact) finish. Very good full-bodied white, unusual, $12/bottle.

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