Saturday, February 7, 2009

La Posta 2006 Mendoza Malbec Angel Paulucci Vineyard

Malbec is the grape of Cot, “the black wine of Cahors”, once widely used for illicitly darkening wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy and the Rhone in vintages that warranted it. As Malbec, it became the informing grape of the Argentine red wine market.

I aerated this wine and let it settle for an hour before drinking.

Opaque, purple/red at the edges.

Raspberry smell, with plum and cherry, and oak.

Plum, prune, and black cherry flavors, ripe fruit balanced with plenty of acid, restrained used of oak.

I was pleasantly surprised with the wine and don't regret paying $17.99. I'll investigate Malbec further before buying this again, but I'm not greatly opposed to doing so.

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