Thursday, August 13, 2009

Jose Pariente 2008 Rueda Varietal Verdejo II Victorias

Distinctly yellow color with green and golden notes, slightly petillant.

Smell of grapefruit peel actively being crushed, with the tiny sting in the nose one would expect.

Concentrated taste of grapefruit, grapefruit peel, grapefruit rind, tart fruit salad (the kind that comes in glass jars with lots of grapefruit, perhaps ruby grapefruit, and not so many maraschinos) with cleansing bitterness in the finish. I yearn for tapas. Petillant on the tongue. Full-bodied.

An outstanding bottle for $19.99. As distinctive in its grapefruit way as Viognier is in an apricot way. I remember Spanish whites as light-weight neutral boring flabby over-oaked wines lacking in virtue. My memories are invalidated by this bottle.

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