Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chateau de La Chaize 2005 Brouilly

Pale ruby color, lacks depth. Raspberry / strawberry smell, vinegary carbonic maceration character. Tart flavor, a mouthful of berries. If the color lacks depth, the flavor certainly doesn’t. Oak seems more in balance than it did in the ‘04. Perhaps I’m just more used to it.

The next day, the second half of the bottle and I’m still fascinated by how much oak is in this beaujolais. It’s still in balance with the exuberant fruit.

Beaujolais isn’t a wine that inspires much intellectual contemplation, but one that provides sensual enjoyment and satisfaction.

As was true for the 2004, while I’d buy this again for $19.79, I’d look first for something else for the money.

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