Monday, August 25, 2008

Mountain View 1989 Monterey / Napa Pinot Noir

I discovered a still-sealed case of this forgotten in the basement. It's been down there thru nearly 20 years in New England, without air-conditioning, and was never intended for long cellaring, so it's more a curiosity than anything else, but I'll try it and see. In the last two years I've drunk a lot of indifferently-stored wine.

Bright clear ruby color, brown tint, clear at edge. Smell of raspberry and leather. Berry / dark cherry flavor, richness of bitter chocolate. There’s an odd menthol thing happening at the finish. Past its prime, but it’s still rather pleasant.

The next day the stoppered bottle has collected a smell characteristic of pinot noir that immediately blows off, leaving just some raspberry and alcohol, hint of leather. The flavor is tart raspberry, hints of chocolate.

While I wouldn’t seek this out, with a case in my possession I can see no reason not to drink it.

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