Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cline 2006 California Viognier

If you'd asked me a year ago to identify my favorite white wine I'd have unhesitatingly said "well-aged Riesling." While my esteem for that wine hasn't lessened, the recent ubiquitous nature of Viognier reminds me of how much I like that grape.

I told myself to drink this lightly-chilled rather than at the temperature of my refrigerator. This was a good choice.

Water-clear, pale straw color.

Grapefruit smell, peaches.

Rich honeyed mouth-feel, apricot, grapefruit, peach fruit flavors. It was petillant on opening, but that was short-lived. Ripe sweet fruit balanced with a bit of cleansing bitterness, call it citrus rind.

The next day it's unchanged as far as I can tell.

Seems a bit atypical, the grapefruit smell reminds me of Sauvignon Blanc a little bit more than it does of Viognier. (But not the offensive cat-pee smell that Sauv Blanc sometimes exhibits.)

I would buy again for $11.29 but I've got an $11.99 2007, so no hurry on repeating this.

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