Friday, December 12, 2008

Chandon non-vintage California Blanc de Noirs

I find my self-imposed restriction of blogging only bottles that don't exceed $20 forbids me to enjoy Champagne, or at least to do so with an audience. I shall, therefor, explore fine California sparkling wine and, that done, similar from other places.

Medium straw color, fine small bubbles.

Fruity fresh-baked smell, intriguing strawberry notes.

Toast and red fruits, fun and unserious: chewy Pinot goodness!

I don't think you'd likely mistake it for Champagne, for more than a few moments, but it's an entirely creditable sparkler all the same. I wonder if my reaction would be even more positive if I were tasting blind.

For $18.79, I'd buy it again, but there's a world of tasty California sparklers, with and without the names of reputable Champagne houses. My reference Champagne is Bollinger and they have no New World representation. Pity!

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