Monday, December 1, 2008

Las Rocas de San Alejandro 2006 Calatayud Garnacha

Extremely dark purple color.

Plum and cherry smell, mild oak, perhaps the smell of the fruit pits, too.

Sweet plum / cherry flavor, trace of oak.

Fruity, restrained oak, good balance of fruit and acid. This wine doesn't prompt much contemplation, but it does provide plenty of simple enjoyment.

The next day largely unchanged: still a juicy bowl of ripe fruit! ("How much does a grecian urn?")

I don't think Grenache, even from old vines as this is said to be, is this dark-colored unless blended with at least a bit of a dark wine. I propose Malbec, (aka Cot "the Black Wine of Cahors") but I have no evidence that this is true.

I'd very cheerfully buy this again for $11.99.

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