Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fairview 2006 Coastal Region Viognier

Very pale straw color.

Grapefruit / pear smell, and peach.

Ripe peach flavor, a bit of grapefruit.

The next day I can find no change.

More intense ripe fruit flavor than the California Viogniers I've recently tasted. Even so, the fruit is well-balanced with clean citrus-like acid.

I might buy this again for $18.79 but first I'd keep looking for even better less expensive examples. I'm also going to try the quite pricey Condrieu again to remind myself of the pinnacle this grape can reach and to see if these lesser expressions are really any bargain. I'm missing an apricot-like character that perhaps I'm misremembering.

Hugh Johnson's 2009 Pocket Wine Book says Fairview was South Africa's first Viognier maker.

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