Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Georges Duboeuf 2006 Julienas "La TrinQuee"

The Naked Vine tells us that "La Trinquée" is "the clinking glass." I think that's also known as drinky-drinky (with gesture).

Dark clear reddish purple. Spicy smell of raspberry and what is that?, hyacinth? Tart deep flavors of black cherry and raspberry. I don't get the smoky flavors that some reviews I've read note. The best way I can characterize the finish is (surprise!) fruity.

The next day maybe I can talk myself into imagining a hint of smoky smell. Still cherries and berries rule the flavor, though.

I'd happily buy this again for $13.79. I confer the Blog Ordinary thumbs-up mark of approval.

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