Monday, October 13, 2008

Joseph Drouhin 2005 Beaujolais-Villages

Fresh shipment of wine in, and some new-to-me Beaujolais with it. Yay!

Medium reddish-purple color. Smell of cherries and raspberries, smells grapey in a good way. Cherry-aid flavor, raspberry notes. The finish is clean but a bit short.

The next day I can sense no changes, except perhaps a bit more emphasis on the berries.

I'd buy Beaujolais-Villages again for $15.29 (Oh! for the days of the wine lake!), but this particular example suffers, however unfairly, because this is the wine I first tried to buy when the Joseph Drouhin 2005 Cote de Beaune-Villages was shipped instead. I can't help but judge this against that more expensive wine.

Beaujolais-Villages is generally thought a lesser wine than the Beaujolais crus I enjoy so much, but superior to those which can only be labeled Beaujolais.

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